Monday, May 11, 2015

How to Bypass Geo-blocking to Access Content with Firefox Extension for Free.


ProxMate is add-on which lets its user bypass the geo-location based restriction to access your favorite content or service(s). ProxMate is available for all the popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Why you should use Proxmate (according to author)?

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Read, Reply, Mark, Delete Emails right from the Browser with Gmail™ Notifier Plus Extension.


Gmail™ Notifier Plus is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox which alerts its users of new email messages from Gmail. With improved and minimalistic UI, this add-on is easy to use. Users can also ready, delete or mark the emails, all without need to open Gmail Tab.

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Browse Internet with Premium and Secure Incognito Mode with Spotflux Lite.


Spotflux Lite is an extension for Google Chrome which encrypts your web browsing and gives you privacy and security. Spotflux encryption is done via SSL, hides your IP address. With this extension, you will have free VPN within Chrome browser. Spotflux claims to protect against anti-malware, anti-phishing protection as well as SPDY content acceleration.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

How To: Measure the Pixel Size Right Away from the Firefox Browser.

MeasureIt is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox which helps you to measure the pixel size with the help of a drawn ruler across the webpage. If you a designer, or artist, this add-on might be useful.

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How To: Make Google Chrome Run Efficiently with an Extension.


The Great Suspender is an extension for Google Chrome which automatically suspends the unused tabs, thus freeing system memory and optimize the system useage. As we know that Google Chrome is (un)famous for err..... memory consumption, this extension might make using Google Chrome run efficiently. Tabs can be auto-suspended after a customizable time or can be suspended manually.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How To Add Restart Button in Mozilla Firefox.

Restart is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox which creates a "Restart" button and option in Mozilla Firefox. You can apply this feature with customizable shortcut key.

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With Focus 45 Chrome Extension, Try to be Productive on Web.


Focus 45 is an extension for Google Chrome which prevents you from being distracted when working on web. With one click, you can achieve 45 minutes of ZEN mode. In case of necessity, you deactivate for 5 minutes by entering the provided code. It is Promodoro technique on Google Chrome. Other features include, customizable blacklisted sites, changing the length of timer.

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